Didžiausias skutimasis pasaulyje


This year we set out to break our own records for the Gillette World’s Biggest Shave. In January baseballer Derek Jeeter’s face was painted 40 feet high on a building in New York, lathered up and shaved. We decided to show them how it’s done by creating a grass portrait of our man Roger Federer the size of a football field and giving him the ProGlide treatment. Check out the video below.

Plus, to give Roger an extra boost for the biggest grass tournament of the year, we have taken one of your messages of support from last week’s competition and added it to the portrait in 10-foot-high letters. Well done Chris B, you’ve just given Roger the biggest message of support he’s ever had! Coming up we’ll share Roger’s reaction and some behind the scenes footage – don’t miss it!